The Tailored Moment 求婚策劃服務


Timothy had an idea of giving his girlfriend Layla a white christmas with a a white castle background. The Tailored Moment helped to arrange snow machines , set up the white castles backdrops and white snow carpets to create the romantic and dreamy snowy environment in the Christmas.

TImothy想給他的女友Layla一個白色聖誕求婚,所以打算在白色城堡的佈景下以飄雪求婚,成就了這次的香港夢幻飄雪求婚。The Tailored Moment 替Timothy在求婚當天安排了飄雪機及佈置白色城堡背景及雪地毯,營造夢幻及浪漫的白色聖誕效果。


Our helper pretended a magazine’s reporter and arranged an interview with Layla for her flower shop at the beginning. Suddenly, our helper brought her to another room with the reasons of taking photo. When they enter the room, their friends showed up suddenly to surprise her, female friends gave Layla a red rose. Afterwards, they watched the video of Timothy playing the song 「Beauty and the beast」 on piano which touched Layla so much and made her cry.


求婚當天,The Tailored Moment的同事扮作雜誌記者跟Layla預約了到求婚地方進行訪問,然後在訪問的途中藉機以拍照的藉口,帶Layla到隔壁房間。當Layla進入房間,他們二人的朋友突然出現給她驚喜,女生友人每人向Layla送上一枝玫瑰鮮花。然後在屏幕播放Timothy彈奏「美女與野獸」的鋼琴影片,使Layla感動得落下淚水。





After showing the proposal video, male friends holding props comes out and they led her to the outdoor rooftop and there was snow falling on the snow carpet. Timothy walked toward to Layla with the rose bouquet and diamond ring and popped the question.






求婚影片 Proposal Video


The Tailored Moment的服務內容:

  • 佈置場地 (白色城堡背景、白色地毯、氣球、花瓣)
  • 提供租借飄雪機服務
  • 提供攝影及攝錄服務
  • 活動策劃
  • 代訂99枝鮮花束


Services The Tailored Moment Provided:

  • To provide Decoration Services (White Castles Backdrop, White Carpet, Balloons, Rose Petals)
  • Rental of the Snow Machine
  • To provide Photography Videography Services
  • Event Planning
  • To book 99 Red Roses Bouquet



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