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Our client Yan wanted to bring his girlfriend Sharon a fairy tale style proposal and that’s why he chose to pop the question on a vast grassland with the horse carriage.

The Tailored Moment協助Yan佈置成夢幻般的場景,以白色的城堡,白色的地毯以及許多粉紅色的氣球和鮮花營造童話場景。

The Tailored Moment helped Yan to decorate the dreamy background with the white castles, white carpet and many pink balloons and flowers around.


Sharon thought it was a BBQ party at the beginning yet she saw a horse carriage arrived and the stable asked her to get on the carriage. She was so surprised and didn’t know what was happening. Their friends and relatives showed up and gave her roses when the horse carriage entered the grassland. They brought her to the white carpet and walk towards Yan.



Later on, Yan played the piano keyboard and sang the love song to express his words and then danced with his friends. Sharon favourite cartoon character Hello Kitty and Daniel always joined the dance and it makes her so surprising and happy.

之後,Yan彈奏鋼琴鍵盤並演唱愛情歌曲來表達自己的話語,然後與朋友們跳舞。沙龍最喜歡的卡通人物凱蒂貓(Hello Kitty)和丹尼爾(Daniel)一直跳舞,這使她萬分驚喜和快樂。


After it ended, he got down on one knee and begin their happily ever after.




求婚影片 Proposal Video



The Tailored Moment的服務內容 :

  • 搜尋場地及與場地人員接洽
  • 安排馬車及與馬佚訂好路線
  • 佈置場地 (氣球拱門、白色地毯、粉紅色花瓣路、巨形氣球引路、花飾引路、心形氣球)
  • 安排Hello Kitty及Dear Daniel演藝人員
  • 提供攝影及攝錄服務
  • 提供音響器材
  • 提供100″投影機器材
  • 提供帳蓬
  • 活動策劃及安排與朋友綵排

Services The Tailored Moment provided:

  • To find the suitable location and contact with the venue
  • To book the horse carriage and set the route
  • To provide decoration services (Balloon Arch, White Carpet, Pink Rose Petal Road, Balloon and Floral Decoration)
  • To arrange Hello Kitty and Daniel mascot performance
  • To provide photography and videography services
  • To provide audio equipment
  • To provide 100″ projector screen and projector
  • To provide white tents
  • Event planning and arrange rehearsal


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