Wesley hoped to bring a surprise proposal for his girlfriend, so he planned to hold an art exhibition for his girlfriend and propose during the art show. Wesley approached us to help him to prepare an unforgettable gallery proposal for his girlfriend.


In the early stage, we searched for a few gallery venues and arranged site visit in order to find the most suitable venues. Then, we helped to print the fake art works and a large couple’s photo specially made for the marriage proposal.


On the proposal day, we covered the large couple oil painting with black cloth and set up a mini cocktail party, prepared snacks and champagne for the guests who participated in this marriage proposal.


We also hired a few extras as guests to visit the art exhibition, which made the scene a bit crowded and made the art shot more convincing.


The heroine arrived at the gallery site in the evening with friends. When the host of the gallery pretended to reveal the last piece of work, she was completed shocked by the couple photo. Meanwhile, Wesley led his friends to the venue and popped the question.


The Tailored Moment的服務內容(畫廊求婚) :

  • -橋思構段、找尋適合場地、策劃求婚流程
  • -提供攝影服務
  • -提供臨記服務
  • -印刷假的藝術品及大型油畫
  • -佈置場地
  • -代訂51枝紅白玫瑰鮮花束
  • -預訂食物,香檳
  • -租借迷你雞尾酒會的酒具及餐桌
  • -提供音響器材

Services The Tailored Moment provided: :

  • -To find suitable venue and design the proposal 橋思構段、找尋適合場地、策劃求婚流程
  • -To print the fake art works
  • -To find the extras who pretend the guests
  • -To set up the venue
  • -To book the 51 roses bouquet
  • -To prepare for the food and champagne
  • -To provide photography services
  • -To provide audio equipment, e.g. microphone, microphone stand and amplifier