Maybe you want a oversea marriage proposal, but its quite hard for you to manage a proposal in a foreign country alone. Our team of romantic experts has network in oversea countries. We can come along with you and help you to coordinate with the venues and different vendors, arrange the logistics , decorate the venue and provide photography and videography services.


Service includes:

-Provide unlimited times of face-to-face consultation

-Do Research information of overseas location

-Provide an survey to understand your girlfriend’s preference

-Suggest creative proposal plans

-Design personalised props

-Coordinate with overseas vendors like venue, extras etc

-Arrange a site visit one day before the proposal day

–Set up the decoration on the proposal day

-Arrange photographer and videographer to record the precious moment on proposal day

-Produce the proposal short film



Oversea Marriage Proposal
北海道求婚 Hokkaido Marriage Proposal


Oversea Marriage Proposal

韓國首爾求婚 Seoul Marriage Proposal


Oversea Marriage Proposal
台灣求婚 Taiwan Marriage Proposal



布吉沙灘煙花求婚 Phuket Firework Marriage Proposal




Oversea Marriage Proposal




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