No matter you have a plan or not, The Tailored Moment can plan and coordinate your marriage proposal according to your needs and requirement. We first provide a free consultation to understand your girlfriend’s preferences and personality,  then we will suggest creative proposal proposal  , create personalised props and arrange venues, equipment, recording and rehearsal links.

On the proposal day, we can videography and photography so that the moment of touching can be recorded.

We didn’t have a strict plan because the stories of each couple are different, so your proposal will be a unique memory for you!

Service Process: 1 Free Consultation 2 Concept Script 3 Quote 3 Rehearsal 4 Coordinating and Enforcing the Proposal Process 5 Making a Marriage Film

Services Type:

    1. One Day Decoration Service (For those who want a small-scaled proposal)
    2. Executing your idea(For those who have plan)
    3. Customised and Planning (For those who doesn’t have any ideas)
    4. Oversea Proposal
    5. Proposing in HK (For Tourist)


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