Are you looking for creative engagement ideas? Except idea, there is some details to be aware of when you wish to plan the perfect marriage proposal.


  1. The Lighting of the Venue

Many people like to pick beach, restaurant as the proposal location due to the romantic atmosphere. However, those venue are usually very dark and it affects the quality of still and video. We recommend you to get some assistant light exposure and make sure all the lights are from the same brand and model. It could maintain the consistency of the colour and softness of the lighting. It will be better to hire a professional lighting to deal with it.

  1. A Contingency Plan for the Bad Weather

If you choose an outdoor area, you should prepare a back up plan in case of the bad weather. The usual way is to book a restaurant room or a hotel room nearby. If your location is in a park, you can find somewhere cover and won’t get wet. But if your proposal location is very special and you don’t want to change the venue, you can slightly rearrange the time with the proposal planner to finish before or after the rain. Of course, if the weather is really bad, you should cancel the plan and rearrange it on another day.

  1. The Importance of the Vow

A true and touching vow could help to improve the atmosphere. Men could take this opportunity to say something you have never say to your girlfriend.  Write a script  and remember it before the proposal, because you might forget most of the words when you are at that moment. You can also use words or images to show on the screen if you are a low-key person.

  1. Remember to hold a Rehearsal

Unless your proposal is very easy, if you wish a creative engagement ideas,  it would be better to have a site visit and go through the rundown once with your proposal planner. Some details are usually missed if you don’t try it once. If your proposal include you friends and relatives, please make sure they are familiar with your proposal idea and rundown, so that they can cooperate with you well.

  1. The Style of Proposal Video

Proposal video can be in different style like documentary, micro-flim and music video etc. If you have spcial requirement, remember to tell you proposal planner in advance and write a story line of the proposal video. Otherwise, some shots will be missed and it’s hard to re-take.


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