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5 Good Places to Propose in Europe | The Tailored Moment

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Are you looking for engagement ideas?  There are many historical and artistic places in Europe. We’re going to introduce 5 good places to propose in Europe.


1.Carriage Trip in Paris

Paris is always one of the romantic country in Europe. Imagine you bring your beloved into a Cinderella’s white pumpkin carriage, ride to Eiffel Tower, and take out your ring to propose to her. I beg no girls could resist in such a romantic and touching environment.

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2. Mask Festival in Venice

There is a” Mask Festival” holding in Venice every February. Everyone will wear a mask and exotic clothing. You can dress up with your girlfriend in the festival and recognise each other among the crowd. After you find your girlfriend, you can take out the ring and pop the question. That would be an interesting experiences for you two.

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3. Flamenco of Seville

I personally love Spain a lot as she is a places full of passionate and happy atmosphere. Seville is the cultural and artistic center of Southern Spain and also the brith place of Flamenco.  You can contact the dancers of the bar in advance to let them invite you to the stage after watching the Flamenco show at night. Under the passionate and lively environment, she will immediately say yes in front of the people. This is a great engagement idea!

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4. Sky Restaurant in Prague

This idea is suitable for couple who love stimulation a lot. “Sky Restaurant” means the hanging machine hung the table at 50 meters high altitude dinner. The restaurant could contain 22 people at maximum, or you can reserve the whole restaurant for 2 person. It would definitely be the most memorable and unforgettable experiences for you two.


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5. Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Besides aurora’s  engagement ideas, you can bring your future wife to “Blue Lagoon” , which is an opened hot spring with glaciers and volcanic coexistence of the scenery. You can take out your engagement and say your vow in this mysterious and fantasy place.

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