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10 Things Should Do Before Planning a Marriage Proposal

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Are you looking for marriage proposal planning service in Hong Kong ? What should you do? What you need to prepare the marriage proposal planning?  What you need to prepare? Hmmmm…Pick a date first? Ask her out? Buy a ring? Buy a bunch of flower? What else? Well… If you want to show your sincerity, plan it with more romantic scene!! Follow the procedures here and you will find it easier and less nervous!


1- Buy an engagement Ring

Well, that’s a must for proposal. An diamond ring is a trend for every engagement now. So it’s better to pick a good large and well-designed one, especially if your girl loves beautiful things. You can ask your female friends or our proposal planner for giving you advice on what engagement ring suits her most.


2- Pick a date

Choose a special date is always memorable! Dates can be Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, the date you two met…etc. If you can’t wait to propose on a special date, it would be still better to pick a weekend or Friday night. After you set a date, you know how many times left to prepare.


3- Select a location and book it

Meaningful and beautiful location makes the scene magnificent. Places like a romantic restaurant, the beach, beside the harbour, on a bridge, on an helicopter, the peak, on a cable car, on the street, in a foreign country or somewhere you two first met or first kissed.


4- Design the plot

You just want to kneel down and give the ring? Come on! Let’s do something new to surprise your her! Maybe you make many balloons of “Marry Me” flying in the sky? Hire a live band’s vocalist to sing a special song of you two and say something on the stage? Ask your friends to wear a Marry Me T-shirts and shout on the street? There are tons of special ideas for proposal! If you need help, you can always ask your friends and our proposal planners!


5- Ask your friends and family

When you are planning proposal, advices from your/her friends and family are valuable. They can help you to do your proposal together. They can help you to brainstorm ideas and help you make some props and decoration! But if you want to have a private one, they can still help you for decorations or prepare anything too!


6- Write your lines

An impressive speech will move her! She can definitely feel your sincerity and it’s just warm, nice and lovely! Speak from your heart! No props or settings are more powerful than the speech to touch her heart!


7- Hire a professional photographer and/or videographer

I assume most of us, making marriage proposal planning is just once in our lifetime! Times won’t come back! So I beg you don’t want to get photos are out of focus, can’t catch the important moments or cut out your head. LOL Hire a professional photographer/videographer!! Don’t ask your novice friend to do it!


8- Make props, decorations and songs

So you have idea about how to propose now. If you choose a beach or somewhere without any decorations, you will need to prepare all the props and settings. Also if you have friends and family involved, they may need to hold some candles or balloons for you too. Besides, music is inevitable, it strengthens the feelings of the scene. Therefore, make a checklist to ensure everything is all right!


9- Choose flowers

Roses are always the best for romantic proposal, but there are different symbolic meanings for different flowers. So search the most suitable ones to tell your stories! Don’t forget a nice bunch of arranged flower will definitely increase the atmosphere too!


10- Ask her out and surprise her!

That’s the last step of the preparation!! Just ask her out, do anything usual at first, then make this surprise with your planned plots! And now congratulations! 😉


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