We all know that in general tradition usually men propose to women, but do you know in some countries women propose to men and men cannot refuse. In the following w will introduce 5 travia about marriage proposal:


1- Why diamond ring is used in proposal?

Diamond ring has appeared in European middle age. In 1477 AD, the Roman Emperor Maximilian I, fell in love with Marie, the princess of France. At that time, Maximilian I had a well-known huge circular diamond. It is said that this huge circular diamond is very stiff, very hard, it represented the royal eternal brave and steadfast. To show his faith, Maximilian I, put this huge diamond on a ring for proposing his marriage to the princess. Eventually they got married. Since then, using diamond ring for marriage proposal become a trend. And diamond ring also represents the endless love. It is the most representative thing of love.


2- In Chinese, there is a saying, “Take your hand, from now to forever.”

It was actually used in a battlefield. The original sentence was

“For life or for death , however separated ,

to our wives we pledged our word .

Take your hand ;

from now to forever .


Alas for our separation !

we have no prospect of life .

alas for our stipulation !

we cannot make it good.”

It was written for a commitment between soldiers, they vowed to die together. The last few sentences was saying the people I committed was dead, how to live without them. I didn’t expect the soldiers had such a romantic time on the battlefield.

3- “Fur Elise” – Beethoven, was used for marriage proposal

Although the piece is named “Fur Elise” but this music was not composed for Elise. Among students of Beethoven, there was a beautiful pianist called Therese Malfatti. In 1810 May, Beethoven proposed to her but rejected. Some people said because of the scribbled handwriting, or because of the failed proposal, so he changed the music name.


4- Female proposal day

There is a old Irish traditional, in leap year, this is the perfect chance for a woman to take the engagement ring into her own hands and get down on their knees on February 29. Back to 700 years ago, Queen Margaret placed a rule that all those women can propose to men and if men refused the proposal, they will get punishment. Since then, this special trandition has spread out in Great Britain. In every leap year, you can see there are many females propose.


5- Get beat while propose

In a tribe in Nigeria, when the man proposes to a woman, the woman’s relatives will greet with sticks, as the man came in, relatives beat him as hard as they cold. The moral is that the man who stands the beat means their marriage can cope with difficulties, and the woman only agree to his proposal then.


6- And advertisement which use a condom for proposal

Durex created an ad in Japan. The first half of the ad was showing a couple was looking for something in a forest, the scene was very horrible. The atmospher of second half suddenly changed. They found a proposal settings with thousands of condom. The man then put the condom, the condom ring, on the woman’s finger. At last, the woman accepted his proposal.  How creative Japanese is!


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