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“She loves me? She loves me not? She loves me? She loves me not?…” I know you love her, you want to spend the rest of your life with her, but is she thinking the same way? Is she ready for a marriage? We know that creative proposal idea is exciting but it is also kind of terrifying! Instead of picking petals off from roses, all you need to do is test her and observe! Here are some clues that you can see and make you feel more confident when you make your big proposal!


1- Bring her to a jewelry shop. When you two are walking by a jewelry shop, go in! Look for those couple rings and try them on! Then observe her reaction. If a girl wants to get married, she would love to try those couple rings and feel pleasure about it. Couple rings are subconsciously mean commitment, so if she looks like avoiding it, that maybe a hint shows that she afraids of commitment. She is not ready to go for a marriage at the moment.


2- Tell her your friend is getting married. It’s a good chance to raise up a marriage-related topic and understand how she thinks about marriage. You may say like, “Jack is getting married, I never thought he would. He always claimed he enjoyed being single. But now see what he’s  doing!? (pause) What about you? Would you like to get married someday?…” And so, you can ask her if she wants kids or all other things about marriage. If she fits you, great! Congratulations! If not or she isn’t ready right now, give each other more time! Building up a profound relationship takes time! When both of you are ready to make this commitment, you will know!


3- Play a little but powerful trick which makes her think you are going to propose while you are not… yet! This is the best method to test her how she feels if you are going to propose to her. You can brainstorm some creative proposal ideas. For example, you may give her a big bunch of roses on her birthday in a romantic restaurant and give her a little velvet box of gift. When she opens it, it’s a pair of earrings. If she looks so disappointed, she is expecting a proposal from you!! She thinks that velvet box is an engagement ring! If that’s the case, you can prepare a bigger surprise and design a better plots for your real proposal!! Well…on the contrary, if she feels relief when she realizes it is earrings only, that means she’s just not ready yet.


4- Ask her about her future plans and see if you are inside of it. We all know if a girl tell a man that she wants to marry him, that will scare him off. So, we don’t say it until you propose! Therefore, don’t expect that she will tell you her plan is getting married with you in the future. If she jokes about it, or she tells you that her plans in the future is going somewhere with you, or she tells you she plans to get married in recent years…etc. All these signs are telling you that she wants to get married. And very high possibility that she wants to get married with you!


5- She feels comfortable with you and not hiding something. Let’s think about it,  who wants to get married with someone that you are not comfortable with? Which means you cannot be yourself and you have to pretend something when you are with him. Marriage means two people live and commit to each other for the rest of their life. So, do you think she will accept the ring that makes her pretend to be someone else instead of being herself every day? Therefore, make sure she has let go of old relationships and fully present with you. If she is comfortable with you, she can foresee her future is bright and honest! Vice versa, if she is so secretive, please understand that she is not ready to unfold herself to you.


Likewise, you have to make sure that she knows you well too! Who wants to marry a guy that she doesn’t fully know him and understand him? What if he is a pervert? What if the values of life or values towards many other aspects are so different? Will he cheat? Will he leave me? Girls think a lot about the future! So if that’s the case, she might be hesitate to say yes!




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