Are you ready to propose to your girlfriend? The first thing must buy the engagement ring. The diamond ring is widely popular in Europe since the Middle Ages, because diamonds represent hard and unparalleled, representing faithful love, symbolizing eternal promise. So, How to choose the suitable engagement ring for your beloved?

To evaluate a diamond, the general use of GIA American Gem Research Institute founded the diamond rating system, known as the 4C standard, has become the world’s jewelry standard for the operators and consumers. 4C is the weight rating (Carat Weight), Clarity (Clarity), color (Color) and Cut (Cut) to evaluate the diamond level. The following article will introduce the 4C standard and show you the tips for choosing the engagement ring:



This should be heard by many people, the carat as a unit for the diamond. A carat equal to 0.2gram, can be divided into copies. It is generally used for engagement is between 50 parts (0.50ct) and 2 carats (2.00ct). The price of diamonds varies with its carat, and the carat of diamonds is the largest element in determining the value of a diamond, but still, also depends on the other of the 3C standard.


Color Grade

Transparent colorless diamonds are the most valuable, white diamond is the most precious. Fineness means the degree of colorlessness, scale D to Z. Scale D is the highest grade, representing completely colorless, and Z is the lowest level. As shown below:

Clarity Grade

Diamond appraisers and specialists for diamonds will find a variety of natural marks, scratches or cracks that degrade overall clarity or permeability. In general, these flaws are not visible to the naked eye and require the use of magnifying instruments for detection. The more pure and flawless diamonds the rarer, the higher the value.



The cutting effects of diamonds emit light shining. Cut the diamond, the light into the diamond will light from the drilling surface shining back, but the cut too thin or too deep diamonds will be light from the bottom of the drill to divert the diamond light.



Some people in the purchase of diamond rings only focus on the specifications on the certificate, in addition to the figures on paper, personally see a diamond bare stone for comparison is a better practice. Because see the diamond by magnifying devices is better than only see the figures of the certification. The Tailored Moment has a familiar diamond ring supplier, according to your budget and requirements for you to find a valuable diamond ring, but also provide jewelry design and lettering services for you to create a unique engagement ring.

Many people choose the engagement ring, tend to buy larger pieces of diamonds, because most people likely to evaluate the diamond only depends on its size as a standard. Due to the budget is limited, so choose 90 points and cut the shallow to make the diamonds looks like 1 carat. In fact, the ring brace can also make the diamond look bigger. When you set the diamond in a high degree, it will make the diamond look bigger.

Ring brace, in general, is divided into 4 claws and 6 claws. A lot of people choose 4 claws, 4 claws early light through the diamond cutting surface reflects, in other words, make the diamond looks more shining. 6 claws surrounded by diamonds, more stone round.


 6 claws and 4 claws

Most people choose the ring when the election will be selected inlaid gravel, because it is relatively simple and looks better. It may look more mature when the gravel surrounded the diamonds. So you can inquire about your girlfriend’s preferences in advance, the easiest way is to give you just show your friend of the photo and ask for the advice.

In color grade, basically more than grade G visual inspection is not easy to see, need to have other series of diamonds together for comparison. Grade I, J diamonds will see the yellow side easily, so some people will use the golden ring brace to make it does not look yellow.

Clarity grade cannot see easily, you need to use the magnifying instrument to detect. But some people prefer the least flaws of the diamonds, because it reflects the flawless love. But it is difficult to observe easily, so many people may prefer to buy the heavy diamonds.


Hope all of you could choose the suitable engagement ring for your love!



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